Plastic Eaters

To ensure the next generation has an ocean to swim on

Our project

In 30 years our oceans will have more plastic than fish, we want to stop this

Every year, a trillion plastic bags are used by humans worldwide.

Plastic bags take between 10-1000 years to decompose, filling up landfills and oceans all over the world.

We propose to use wax worm farms to free up the ocean and landfill space by accelerating the decomposition of plastic bags to 1-4 months by having plastic eating farms all over the world.

Plastic Eaters farm wax worms and leverage their enzyme of polyethylene erosion to accelerate the decomposition of plastic.

We are launching a pilot in Lahore to tune the plastic eating farms into an optimized farm that can be duplicated anywhere in the world





“Wax worms (Galleria Mellonella), have an interesting enzyme present in either their saliva or digestive tract. Surprisingly, this enzyme eats and digests plastic waste.”

Changing the world is already on your hands

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+351 96 444 84 43

Lahore, Pakistan

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